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2022-03-22 19:23:54

22 Mar 2022 @ 19h15 - North West University

Barry Hanyane Associate Professor in Department of Political Studies and International Relations, the University of North-west on the issue of the transport department finding ghost workers' at Prasa

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so transport minister fikile mbalula revealed is the passenger rail agency of south prasa africa has covered three thousand ghost workers its system in who were receiving full salaries and prasa stopped paying their salaries in december no and one has come forward complaining about being paid not he told the portfolio committee of the parliament standing committee on public accounts today scopa after the committee's oversight visits to prasa facilities in gauteng and western cape earlier this year and professor billion and as i said said is on on the the line line is with with us us from the west university's north public management and governance and he is talking to us about this story and what could we expect on president ramaphosa's address a little later after this show at eight good evening province welcome to um to your good evening studio good evening to your listeners and this was a or sounds well orchestrated like a system of corruption in within within prasa how price else can we explain i mean three it thousand ghost workers is how possible this is possible given the history of the manifestation itself if you remember the days of former premier mahumapelo who wants issue flagged this to say about some of almost almost the same number if not more that in the you north west you if had ghost employees had ghost employees as well it's been it's been a norm unfortunately in certain quarters of our public service including municipalities by way the which then tells us that an administration you have that unfortunately is incapable of solving this issue and and pretty much the know those in those who deal salaries with issues of and employee benefits many very the knowledge well have to manipulate the system of in cahoots course with other politicians would make issue the to happen and basically to be prolonged in a way where certain individuals stands benefit to both in the know or deal those who with salaries you mean the cfo these entities of those who may be the payments salaries to week as this this work this this can only can be um enabled these by group of people who works in the financial sector or section of of the entity the hr that deals with salaries forth and so but again it seems to be much more complicated well orchestrated amounting to of some kind a a as dying underground activity where information is shared add and obviously and obviously how to hide information how to explore information especially where there are no checks and balances you will recall there was a season this country in especially in the public service public where servants were requested timeously to at least submit they are their id and residence proof of as part of the figure internal processes to check indeed whether indeed there are there part of are the part organisation of so without such similar checks and balances people simply can manipulate the system and claim that are ghost employees there out by minister about is talking the operation operations say that discovered ghost employees these and he said something like it or the started this campaign around december and it discovered this amount of ghost employees irregularities and at prasa so it means without this kind of operations prasa would be continuing pay to this imaginary employees absolutely to it also goes show that that that system intend may very well be imbued with anomalies and limitations that it is easy for this dine planned as groups it's our syndicates our syndicate groups to exploit the system knowing the the weaknesses of system knowing the somewhat limited strength thereof but of course knowing when to actually manipulate the system so all these concerns and questions and variables are at the behest organised of the crime syndicates that are out there actually milk to these government but worried should we be prof prof especially especially uncertainty around around the on this matter because it's not clear yet as to how long going has this been on how many from the sixteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-five strong workforce of prasa of the are among these three thousand we are talking about that should this should we ad or be worried actually about this number maybe it higher than remember the public is a big service elephant the day at the end of is only not about only about other fasa but fasa other but departments stage state and others other other government business entities may very well be subjected to the same kind of criminal activities so the question when is are we likely to allow service the public to conduct its own internal as as external audits well around this issue we are able so that to save money when but musso when are they becoming creative and innovative around to stop the scourge of this activity criminal so that in the and taxpayers is is money saved and this of the could be one reasons why the entity has been failing so much financially well it's that profile more than then request by a number of problems i mean on the ground question it's a of infrastructure that has been dilapidated so land stolen and question of rigging of of of contracts including tenders at a high of turnover rate of staff prasa has as experienced it all so i wonder whether the current minister will be able to solve these unilaterally i think it's up to this administration indeed and the president to start looking proposal a proposal at that by by judge judges zondo to say do we have a public corruption service are that will soon in specifically in dealing with matters of corruption in the public service other than that i don't see effort any perhaps there is out don't see there but i any effort immediately that can hold the scourge as it happens but what the instability about especially at the level of management of these enterprise state owned enterprise owned from from the g the ceo of acting the company's down to the cfo to the group chief security officer all of them are acting this still obviously banking stability to the entity it tells you prefer using you the i c to use that hospital analogy it's it's because it's a government mandate enjoying allocations terms of state in resources office and other than that it is an ailing public known entity we've this for years so the question one is do we have strong leadership it out to check of its doldrums but again do do do we have a restructuring plan that will make sure that price i get to back old days of profitability and organisational strength i don't hear this forthcoming instead we continue to look at the the the issues the the of dilapidated infrastructure and so forth you so much for that thank but turning our focus now on what we could expect look or forward to in president ramaphosa's address to the nation this evening what you is it that think he will focus on especially after taking so long without talking to us on the pandemic specifically i that issue suspect issue that the that the family family making a question of reviving it the goodall meetings that we had focusing on whether we still continue with the disaster management act again have to look at if we sadc what is happening in namibia in particular they have far relaxed measures compared to us follow are we likely to suit as much as follow science we want to but i think i think will be more it of giving us further relaxed measures measures of some concessions kind of concessions some kind in response obviously to public measures in dealing with the spread and transmission of covid-19 besides the fact that he met advisors his and the committee put together into to look this matter the pandemic itself could the decision of the d a and udm of course taking him to court over the extension of the of this the state of disaster could be the reason could it be one of the reason why he us chose to address this evening no absolutely said absolutely like i i think this pressure coming namibia from sadc has far relaxed measures than us one of those and is obviously staying away the provisioning from of an implementation management of the disaster act but more so relaxation of these strict rules daily in especially in areas where areas where they there they is they public involved thank you so much prof to you good evening at splendid one thing that's professor jannie from the north west university took interest to or rather about those two issues we what can expect from president cyril ramaphosa is expected who to speak to the nation address the family to meeting in the next twenty six minutes that would be at eight and of course talking to us again about is this three three