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2022-02-17 17:17:18

17 Feb 2022 @ 17h15 - North West University

Mr. Frank Lekaba. Lecturer, Politics and International Relations at northwest University joined a discussion on the role of the judiciary and the role of the African union.

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continent about recipe get the billions mixer in january johan otk going to get that up african the union if i one hundred totally appeal j get jaco now a matter eliminating of state head of state head moholo kering level history african union from the organisation of unity african it was politically formed an ideologically formed highs hannelie estate lager salary worker diplomatic relations c luyanda goree who are handy pan africanism hanna labour african renaissance yellow legal so sale remedy hiking mokonyane maudi you mhlabunzima it means call real call more president eye on journey our rest cyril ramaphosa workers african free continental trade rebone will legally only really literary implement hiker your hogan never hear more continuing arun so make sale ja abanye holder motsa remove apicella bathabile curriculum bathabile bathabile half indi mokone fin hulu sewkuran credibility boere mbeki regarding mohapi sita delivering groom will re kwame nkrumah julius nyerere labour but it's a totally will djibouti remedy by journey more still see alumo by tshwane here i get a billion konica continent annually by matjila said culture causing senior ja so kganyago remake yourself well multiparty nkonyeni boere cyril ramaphosa kanjee african free continental trade khanyile fiona botswana it's actually a sikhakhane lupuwana khoury visit maturity more in things are d decoder monopoly sugar season um um it's i knew when they get the african union i biological summer finally emira i touch on that you get a half tla nuts sitting during within um hurricane level lego might be legally villa willing replica harmonise its masithela mr mmusi two years ago about a w without the like at petrol for most structurings african union that but he said you reforms regulate similar regulating miller tata forty to tata ndp towards your only re etc ddg labour buti ithuba continuing their honour the political strength african union reforms those d deliberately lisa doubt feasible were more african union sorry thabo mbeki sale motlhabane or club young i really young entity feel like a workable let's i behalf khanyi tonne elephant in the room jakkie kanjee kenya israel israel khoury modulasetilo african union commission rare musa mohammed fighting only now higher israel miami more union african african level little coloureds african union nehawu in in africa more easier kagiso to milling who say higher um gabbana chemunique controllable algeria so khanyi tonne moving if dealing haven't bakopane bathabile continuing their room so value committed millennial to incurring ikgalemele amyral soria kganyago couldn't makhanya khumalo little level more machi sale ncapayi an array local where let's lung continuing thereon the relevant london morewa israel most fellow some motsotse frank and zimbabwe kgatlana by mamadi khanyi simply come trial siki august it one one maxegwana gaba qwana gaba tabane mabele one tabane hundred and thirty-five thousand causing mokgalong and hotly one hundred forty thousand done about marabaraba bulela ya bona moholo gore qualify sally williams leah puso ya career robert mugabe and by onto c mutual word bamba but fewer media in on young took efforts along little harder if look at the cell you are tata c c m you inflation going to say masetlogelo g community eighty my office and as you know who all bula available available at at such such go hope easier fees o batla printer led by lingering ncala allow makhanya malaba um and lily delivery august city delivery be jan somehow moganwa letswalo ureke lucara dollars salon take a alone run galina galina bullying i alt bobby when key deliverables nqakula kenya's zimbabwe bond note beauty so social nehawu zimbabwe senzeni senzeni regionally level really level put yoxolo the hogan archaic um me mogoeng economies future kganyago were d a quickly polokwane durban nalla currency harsha because nehawu zimbabwe but it is about eight currencies adding watson aka pumla mega watts aka chinese janho array ska u s dollar the eight wanted currencies sugary derisory so the central central bank heist hopefully goqwana quarter because kelly lidia really deliver more lydia leads more marketing among the the reserve bank monitoring ya rona e bona ho its actual d bosasa young more ja interim out bring of the market and the new money so cornering zimbabwe it inflation is my referencing young so sake sabc bonds tongue courier daughter nehawu zimbabweans a little in the and in lead in nkandla mokaba ray xulu ja frank nicky level retail editorial liquor guinea mogale mohale fikile rhino regular rhino mathota worker nearly sab's ecowas moon see minimal will um been audits anymore who see president more what tunisia outside schedule seriously dumelang afrika borwa um hore the judiciary kgothatso mogale committee d were afrika borwa anymore precedent guy suddenly say it circuit were sink a situation also situation over are more where uber where amok walker we gibela or luxury way believe and i that local ago thuli nosi cory busi by so also in the quarter sicelo say deezer a lung busha in just admission to bring electrical sectors personally g s i arena monitoring notice i c c pilusa this commission service commission's that you were somewhat matter that's a of j violence tosses finalists thoolsi kenya ghana tunisia sale of seen sizwe lesedi katleho bona operate judges d d d d a cazalet conduct maleba kidnapping you mr hawker august understand level political system g nigeria tunisia not is in a like in our country where you can see judiciary is another arm of state ukuthunga siyakha ho bula finally koos in offering tony elumelu your gummi your gambino how you so the political system the political the nature of system differs completely emotionally political system habana monitoring own so murray circus in offering mogoeng mogoeng tharisa mona khanyile this lehohla nokwe the particular ghana kenya kenya it's in usually its we're hookup as atlatsa at the the a hawker top top besides zama zama bathabile dlamini remo mokoena theresa kganyago re batla higher economic is arabella half mokoena into wonderful weekend week emile du toit d judiciary judicial independence his inaugural whatsapp as continuing well toilets are more rona ilanga khanyi we may because systems political differ from country to country way lingering um afrika wacky constitutional c democracy and and under under apartheid apartheid it was was a a parliamentary it democracy no not democracy but parliament was mr ja the system was above in parliament the system so digital shooting this week parliament so monitoring i'm gonna sungula some challenges it's is in the constitution nicky so yona carries a europe who cuts are fellow political system monitoring into young energy seriously when cornering tunisia holding until such time as salim during siki august lebelo called twenty good twenty ten hanekom ten hani personally analogy spring the arab twenty eleven ninety arab spring morogoro the arab spring is music in africa tunisia mosa eighty-six baker look one other people are already cartel a lombard shovel mokone conducting you a gmail have malibongwe georgia holding let entire us changed political system then earlier former president to you mr going hasa rassie by nearly half peter for up more political systemic corner renewing that tunisia harm overlap with willie ya ya le naga egypt when unnecessary we were necessary lessons gama codes is politically sanisha cutting to be going frank outweighed outweighed the glacier home been wessel frankly xaba game motsoaledi kwa north north west university choir could for toro le ya qwaqwa wal every lacking weeds and be currently me wrong continuing continuing frank dilemma frankly her chief luthuli nearly run things sector sector there the motsotse zwelakhe