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6 Oct 2021 @ 20h00 - Potchefstroom Campus

Prof Barry R. Hanyane, Associate Professor: Public Management & Governance School of Government studies North-West University unpacks the Democratic Alliance's controversial election banners in Phoenix which has caused a lot of controversies

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in las vegas third ahead of the fight this weekend this is centre the sabc in auckland park in johannesburg watching and you're prime use on three on sabc umsobomvu and three to you go thank on a very good evening us you so much for joining in our lead story earlier today the democratic alliance is election poster in phoenix caused an uproar on social media party leader john steenhuisen steadfastly refused to apologise for some his party's messaging of on its local government posters election people the are people heroes are heroes the in this in of this south africans who when the government retreated and the saps retreated stood up and defended law the rule of defended the constitution and defended livelihoods lives and heroes people stood up against the lawlessness and i will call them heroes and will continue to call them heroes i because didn't retreats they in the face of danger didn't hide away like they the saps and cele's people bheki when when things got real stepped up its they step to the called president himself them heroes in his own newsletter i concur and fully with that anybody up for who stood the rule of law constitution for the founding principles of our party will to call heroes continue earlier this evening steenhuisen spoke to sabc politics editor mzwandile mbete he says the poster was widely misunderstood he also highlighted the da's commitment to nonracialism and non violence i'm very sorry for people have misinterpreted it fell victim fell victim the misrepresentation to the misrepresentation to of what what has been said that's not what was being said no we have we supported the perpetrators of violence either the looting and violence for the launch those who took something very clear on that people are not those heroes there violence be prosecuted there must and the full law extent of the must you've bought against i've said uptake them and as in those cases up personally with the police commissioners in those kwazulu natal stations in so i think people very careful about must careful be about not being not being misled or misrepresented literally or or or or misinterpreting what was said there to concede i'm happy there has been misinterpreted some people have that for that i'm sorry when just a moment will be speaking you analyst to political professor needed to help d a's us unpack the controversial election poster in phoenix and the social media backlash that has attracted this bolster and in as much as the the democratic democratic alliance has made it clear that that this has has got got nothing nothing this to to do do with the controversy that it has attracted but then that it says those people those phoenix residents were heroes in actually the sense that they were protecting their assets and their properties but tell us now welcome professor harry will bury hunger from the school of governance at potchefstroom the north west campus professor barry have to you thank very good evening us welcome you so much for joining to primaries on three you good evening evening to to your viewers now in as much as prof the democrats alliance articulated has their position that they will not apologise for this particular misunderstanding and the misrepresentation what the posters actually of mean that i do think they are being arrogant or being insensitive they are to the sensitivities that that particular go with poster look an apology a long way will go is as part of healing process the what is of concern obviously here is the death of innocent people space space in that and surely and surely perspective from the of ubuntu one would then anticipate that they are all campaign their ward in would bring a sense of not being somewhat relevant and appropriate at a time when are those who affected as victims are still reeling from the experience itself they should not put into the have been campaign trail just a just from humanitarian you point of view are understandably i understand it may it provided it may have a space for for political gain unfortunately but it does bring in a sense pain of especially from those that are affected as victims either and of course memories fresh in our other debt that we've experienced lead bring a sense it doesn't of pain and it involves so many memories especially those who lost their loved ones not only these particular in july unrest but the racial sensitivities sensitivities experienced that that we've we've experienced in in the the past party but do reckon that the democratic the democratic alliance is explanation they what that when they mean by being heroes are actually referring they to those phoenix residents went out to the streets to protect their assets and properties a seemingly because the not able to do police were that explanation so do you think holds any water the problem lies and that's where it exposes upset to kind some of a diverse interpretation i where the problem think that's lies you can't send a message publicly that's likely to draw in different interpretation or non cs for that unfortunately matter and in this instance this public out did not but targets the suitably the kind of audience the kind of message that was intended thereby exposing itself to divest meaning and interpretation that's where the ingé danger it is are upset and and those those who who are affected by the violence would upon themselves then take it to say how did a the d associate such an incident with heroism does this where heroes in a start and end where is it exactly located when the deaths reported and of course the destruction of property you reckon that the democratic alliance is long decades obsession with the a n c cost them build will especially from the black and voters those who been have affected been affected july unrest by the by july the unrest that treatment of of a as a variable made very well bring damage in a bit of and they don't need this point at this in time especially facing elections than about in less what for weeks now surely positive campaigning should be at the way for the d to go a in order to bring in new support up in order to retain support that they have as then i'm things stand i'm afraid sensitivity afraid sensitivity to issues of race is somewhat escaping campaign and a final question just professor that what do you think the a n c is being opportunistic by using the race card as alliance would like the democratic us to believe using race card to hide the the damage been inflicted that has by the residents of phoenix the broader and south africa or by poor taking their family by struggles as the democratic alliance called it onto the streets the a n c e a purpose taken stock of whole issue the so everything that has to do with racial tension and of course a reminder of the violence that was marred by racial tensions such will obviously offer opportunity opposition parties for the to to sort of like political mileage on it rightly a so then we have let's see what happens human will with the rights commission get involved as well possible it's ngos that other ngos other and other state and other state institutions might have a concern around this issue and if that happens i'm afraid the da must might as a loser be seen in this instance so shocking activity during campaigning is not negotiable not be or should exposed compromise professor ben ngubane from the school of governance at the north potchefstroom west campus thank you so much for us this evening joining professor hannelie just the commenting about d a's controversial election election posters posters make make of of what what you you those those goals posters i mean what think of them you those where in phoenix north of durban now the area was reportedly in racial tensions mired that resulted in the deaths of thirty-six people during the july asked you unrest we to send your tweets on prime underscore as three the about some of them we're ministry says these heroes defended their properties livelihoods and loved ones businesses were still devastated and jobs have been last gold da duma mgcotyelwa says says murderers heroes only an insane african controlled hold for the democratic alliance vigilantism is a threat to our constitutional democracy law is clear the law on people who take the into their own hands he says is what i call this self sabotage have run out of have they campaign ideas never but will rule this country for them they need to rule black voters and institute democratic says the alliance has gone to r business not