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5 Oct 2021 @ 17h00 - North West University

forensic social worker university of northwest sue Stuart-smith says small boys never report cases of sexual abuse by females which causes long term effects including depression

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charges charges a against a against thirty-nine year old thirteen women from silver in the east legs of pretoria have nearly doubled since her arrest in november two thousand and nineteen she faces eighteen charges of statutory sexual rape grooming and use of a minor to produce child pornography in the pretoria regional court this package has been compiled reporter by a senior leila magnus during gentle october twenty nineteen the woman allegedly started grooming always by to them talking beer social media sexual grooming to a relates process whereby a person build relationship with victims so that he or she manipulate can and exploit them sexually the conversations allegedly led to naked photos being shared between the parties the state alleged the women pictures sent nude of herself as well as videos of itself must relating to the boys and requested and requested they said they sent pictures their genitals of back she however allegedly only the fourteen ask year old boys for pictures not and the seventeen year old boy accused she is of putting the pieces of two the fourteen year of old boys kissing them inappropriately and performing oral sex on one which all culminate in this statutory rape charges some the boys were learners of at the prestigious afrikaans afrikaans were n c skool n skool were c in pretoria in the at the time of incident the fact that the case was reported and made it to court is very unusual says forensic social worker at the university of north west funds smith it does help them that platinum mile will be the victim of or kindly of sexual abuse not but it's often reported a female sexual abuse that's because and of the obviously start to start tweak week bosses why perceptions some especially boy under then a teenage boys abuse by women remark all my such us what complying about are you seven thus perception that sexual contact what women should also always be welcome if andiswa you do not welcome me the question of what what's wrong with you she says the victims struggle afterwards with extreme guilt feelings of it creating tanks guilt for often those children i feel guilty and they say i but enjoyed it because i had an august erection but that was their body only act in the why it was intended to react but it too high intense feelings of guilt attain smith says the damage done to who sexually children abused last very long usually of terms of victims sexual of abuse sexual abuse of this coming this out male or female they suffer from depression and anxiety a house often as eating disorders all they start use drugs to and things like that often so there side there aren't the future nation often are how difficult it to be intimate with a partner to be emotionally intimate with support to be sexually intimate with a partner dial and often i have a cannot trusting have a trusting cannot relationship with therefore under very suspicious often of other people's intentions behaviour women the will appear in court again in december when a psychologist and social workers forensic assessments clinical are expected to be finalised leila in pretoria magnus and we now speak to lizé veteran researcher associate at university's wits university's institute institute for social economic for research and also research project consultant at the university of johannesburg lisa good afternoon welcome to you so much the show thank for making time for us when i heard this story first on this air this afternoon i thought of there must be an issue around the under reporting such incidents of of where young boys become victims of sexual abuse and the alleged perpetrator or the perpetrator being a woman because stigma attached of the to it put my run way i think because sexual violence that's girls women experience is and so overwhelming number that typically think of you as victims means and what that is that we don't really our public space in conversation for boys to think of themselves as having been victimised in some way i think what if we also do is that somebody victimised by government because so that is unusual maybe the stigma maybe stigma w greg w great it because this unusual and is so so different and i think for a woman who is accused perpetuating this can also become it quite difficult look in that people has been profoundly abnormal because we accept expect this behaviour from women women men garden from and so we don't necessarily behave the most in informed manner either when it comes to female perpetrators is there were also how of that societal norm also has has an an impact impact on how how you your on respond risk to it for instance the boy was to come if and say that i have been touched inappropriately or i have been forced to to go into sexual penetration with this particular women because again of the issue around the stigma or one of your your previous package is i think different we have ideas that very very section much for perfection boys boys are sexually active earlier than girls are much more sexually active and therefore as well in something like this happens it something a be proud of because an older woman has taken an interesting you how nice and also could really been that disturbing she really lucky when i think it also makes it very difficult for boys to speak numbers the are small i think we have data from two thousand and twelve which suggests one percent that of red sectors report it's reported only in two thousand twelve one percent perpetrated were by women and type percent reported those who were boys being victims quite i think is clearly a lot more work to be done that needs in order to create kind of language the that would become boys available for to speak about what has them happened to and where type do we start with those of conversations and also to to normalise even or rather let me know said normalised but creating an environment in a space is conducive is conducive that for for a boy child a to boy come forward about abuse sexual at the language of vulnerability it's profoundly gender and by that i knew use that we ten vulnerability over and over again in relation to women and girls and i think very hard for boys to be recognised victims i think as especially in our construction of less guarantees so often around things like violence and abuse you think it is typically going perpetrators to rather perpetrators rob than victim victims so i think it's also shifting very gender ways in which we are thinking about language that you'll always be able to make it possible for boys and i think also lyric veritas assumption i spoke about in terms how we think about six of rand it's important to be able to start thinking about that about how do we re imagine boys they can situations speak about vulnerable our people at them laughing or thinking that than they are less masekela and skill and had must have had all that they all must that have they a great a great time and what's wrong with them so it is think that we have important i those conversations at schools but it's also i think policy looking at our language it doesn't really right think if estate now i recognise always vulnerability touch going to on that just after quickly this but just on on the issue around where it is exactly it where we find incidents of this nature being prevalent where single separately spaces fund where women do have positions kind of some of authority or power over boys think i the example that south africa's we have seen in efforts have often been female teachers the example housing from those from bishop's boys boys could in in in a couple of the western cape years back an example there we had of a female teacher students written they'll and i think obviously in situations where you are a family gives friend that kind of you the access opportunity the of model of because i think model the woman the who woman who goes out goes at night with her life and grab young boys medicine and doesn't really exist in internet situations like family scenarios where you know the person in or school environment where of authority you have that kind because you are a teacher seventy find at it most likely to happen speaking about and the issues in relation and also to policy the understanding of society of itself rape and of course you spoke about norm the would be or what to we are used used to is is that that it it is is males mail being the perpetrators and some people even having a debate around whether it is possible for a boy be raped to if that person was was aroused so so the perception is almost as if the boy must have wanted to do this even though there is the elements around statutory the rape to it a5 t and speakers is again previous because we can't overlook of effect biology i mean i think around or around can be very in voluntary on can't sixteen it's always under somebody control excessive are employees young the fact that nine coming around voluntarily doesn't mean that your emotionally what she wants to that is do it is i think people struggle with it's a professional bodies the trading if there is an arrival if there is i think that that's something have to we talk a little bit to some of the policy is also bit me looking a little at the language relation we use in to not only eighteen we are losing already so when their but back to sexual if you go offences act see how and you can impossible it is almost think you of think of people to if women have women been is active been active reality in sex the language it users is that's a penetration so women do not penetrate if we thought about if immediately is use arrange preparation you thinking implicitly about male sexual sexually and female as active passive in reset and you were thinking in ways if that really gender transformative we might say be thinking of in terms language like encourage instance which would recognise that women are the active the active partners partners in insect for efforts language and to even the the act is quite get not able to its head around the fact six that isn't just a massive penetration there other ways in which are it occurs and that's the level at which we almost start i'm thinking have to how we approach the gender nature six reality i just to touch quickly want you on the role of social ended media as well as what kumba tech companies social media could be doing will be and after that going actually to the testimony of the testimony of facebook whistle blower currently under which is way at capital hill you think what do social media companies should to protect be doing children what's also for question think a lot of might i also be about and talking to children about not trusting everybody you see on facebook telling you about dangers the of people making friends and what the and what they do and it's a very then i think very heartening to answer i'm afraid i don't and really have great solutions off the top of my think head beyond i getting adults to talk to children about how do you need people on facebook the kinds of questions where you should be asking them what is an isn't permissive i think we have and also to catch the reality that up with a lot of sexual introductions are happening via social media so how do we think exactly those exactly those about questions talking questions children explains to somebody approaches you shouldn't listen what you you should try and find out first before just going head and saying xyz and i think banning children and very clearly the consequences of sending nude photos of might be looking yourself you at in whose hands could fall into they that might mean for you thank you so much their research less of it in project consultant at the university johannesburg of so we are so going to to go to capital hill capital hill where now now facebook whistle blower is testifying us before the congress the data scientists francis hogan says that the company was aware of harm some to teams from instagram and has also been dishonest about its fight against hate and ms information much is very passporting others as seen buyers we've