2021-10-05 12:18:11

5 Oct 2021 @ 12h15 - North West University

Associate professor at the school of governance at the North West University, Berry talking about the ICE and the coming elections.

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a later stage that was sa spokesperson action lerato ngobeni sophos analysis joined we are by professor barry han yale at associate professor the school of government governance north rather at west university professor good your time afternoon thanks for good afternoon listeners good afternoon to your what's your take on this matter well i think lerato ngobeni said it nicely we don't have to complicated in this instance i think the iec may have well overwhelmed don't want to play i into conspiracy theories have the iec that is targeting as and especially they say in gauteng i think lerato quotas nicely that this discrepancy applies to gauteng if you look at and official paul the unofficial paul one that was posted that herman yesterday by mashaba on twitter action sa may the darling be of voters in gauteng so there be a conspiracy could behind it's this i think safe to say that perhaps the iec is under pressure and may been very well have seeing that the court judgement around party listings may have taken from a bit of focus procedural matters surely c will the argue iec will argue that this that this on a is technicality that the boks indicating that you are going to use and appreciated of your name form was not and therefore are well within they their rights to not use the aviation because you would have indicated have you should as a party surely that's argument the iec the will make but again the why inconsistency that we hear of between kzn instance and gauteng that's that's uncalled for case is worst is is the case peanuts i of for suspect iec from the side of the if there was this confusion call why not the party in question and verify whether the fact submitted before the iec our or not correct such a response in writing so that everything can be traced back principles to the and make sure that in the and whatever ballot paper is is issued secondly is correct why why a draft issue a draft issued and not wait and for that in feedback so the and all affected parties able are to give you a thumbs up then you can go for print it's it procedurally surely devoured of some sense of unprofessional professionalism and for and i see that loud it has been were having done a sterling job since nineteen ninety-four by and large unfortunate this is and regrettable just a question you from two reasons she says please hi siki please you explain could you explain could the absence what what of the name of action means sa for people who want to vote into power them who's actually behind to keep all of this them away from the poles did the how iec prove to us the citizens that they are independent and that the election will be free and fair how can be not be it as easy party's as to the name as it was to open registration for the anc when they failed what was required to do of them within time the designated this action this action sinister smells sinister smells so this is from theresa read it has i but then explaining what the absence of the name of action sa and the fifteen other parties whose names will be omitted what does this mean for them look we are talking about diverse range of voters want would to be to be convinced are doing that they the right thing you don't the want problem that we had and sixteen in two thousand where people voted a for a i c is of a n c seeing that the logos were more same or less the these are some of the new insist that should have been questioned as in this instance well as for the party in question are you consensus are you position taking a final that you don't want your name appear on the ballot to box as is the draft send get feedback at standard the procedure procedure why why wasn't wasn't down and sadly now the then iec would have to subject itself be subjected rather to the court of public opinion range where all of allegations as i said my opening earlier in statement playing on on the side of conspiracy theories that indeed the iec not necessarily might be impartial as intended as one of your your democratic institutions established to promote and protect our democracy so so question just to final question just a final and i'm reminded of the very first democratic elections nineteen in ninety-four with the ifp who at came in the very last moment so is there any provision or will it make of difference any sort if the iec even took a sticker if they put the names of parties in those those phases does that make any sort of difference it does but but again there might there might lead plead that it's unprofessional it it doesn't augur well in terms of presentation of the ballot paper itself they might might be in a position against to argue state but at you rightly the same time as point out we have had similar experience before with something needed to be salvaged and the ifp came on board so so again so the ball scored is on the iec whether the stay on there wasn't the part of action sa or not at stake here is the credibility of the iec and that must must be protected must by all means necessary professor thanks so barry much for your time associate professor at the school of governance west university at the north