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will focus on those areas which they know traffic is usually congested deception corner every of william nicol n1 freeway excuse i'm a branch me crime what you're busy with working your phone in a busy perfection argue scared of smash and grab i really latest it's very hard so i needed fish i didn't pay attention of the open window smash and grab enough in the area and they if greg run what will you do nothing i'll probably reported probably mobilised won't be able to do anything unless to i reported to someone assist i suppose grab these the smash and with attack in daylight as at night well as time they wait for heavy traffic and motorists are often taken by surprise your window is opened grab your possessions your your handbag cell phone your brief case your laptop and if they see any of these valuable items in the state the a spark special plug window and then grabbed the item then run into and the bushes alongside interception now approaching we the corner of owner of witkoppen witkoppen and main in fourways a hot this has been spot for many many years while some arrests have been made the authorities the these say stretching gravest often return their to try luck c said erik community security team response located in the fourways area formed it was to help police combat high incidence of crimes black smash and grabs what modus operandi these smash and grab yours bodies two key aspects to the modus it's operandi is the easy the easy target targets and the escape routes so once they've established which is the easy targets and they've committed the crime depending on where they are typically on a bridge on top of the bridge climb down embarrassment the and get away absa vehicle them waiting for on the reverse them bank they would go up went and also make an escape we've also had some brazen attempts where they commit a smash and grab in about forty metres away thirty catch a just leave taxi and then as if nothing it happened hotspots normally you have in our area between dell douglas and fourways we're probably looking about eight different hot spot areas specifically where the build saps traffic when people coming home from work surely balls like hot hotspots smash and grab some awareness but motorists very often are still very careless yes exactly i drove past year earlier on and it is difficult for me to remember where the actual board was because we see it every day we ignore it what steps have your organisation action taken taken down down the the number to to bring bring number of of smash and grabs community awareness when smash and grab because it is running on a cycle when flare up again it starts to we want the community advise them be mindful of your surroundings are site keep valuables keep a distance and away from vehicles points of view some and then we've done high visibility patrols especially of the on on some hotspots on the bridges just maintaining presence to to prevent that we spoke bring mmathapelo to about peters about police visibility police visibility at many of at the many identified hot spots around gauteng from the issue questions that we of visited several hotspots across parts of gauteng many the biggest concern that motorists in the public is that there is no police visibility what are you doing about it's well quite worrisome because that has actually been an instruction from provincial provincial commissioner as well as management for local police stations to incorporate into their crime prevention plan that so if so that if is not is happening not it's happening quite it's quite as worries worrisome because far as we know out their instruction is there supposed to be visibility these especially in areas where we know that hotspots they are visited a number of these hotspots seen absolutely and no visible policing private security appears to be playing a bigger role difference making a they are deeply making a difference police the in our area are under resourced like you said there is and visible policing a lack of the security companies to actually reducing the number of incidents and what it is trying c so to do is to awareness raise of what is actually happening where crimes are prevalent the and police are not seen we've got mechanisms where the public can to us we really report do wish to encourage them to report to police management we know so that what to address i must tell you when i got my what's above myself i then started finding all kinds of the people police the james du everybody and and was literally then literally i was i then for forty-five from minutes and nobody arrived to come at and talk to me or nobody even start to ask me what had happened just drivers forced me what my biggest concern are the other more stories and just bystanders instead of helping people are taking out for a new trend taking the pictures and videos of the victim yes it creates awareness but part my biggest my biggest plea is us be let vigilant if there's anything whereby can assist you a victim we don't necessarily to be need a policeman we can you must assess ever cross your to give mind that you need shave changed these people leave them you just it changed my mind that let me try five back but he took a knife out and his life and conference me the and our salt traumatised shake looks because it quite a big night to me and and he he was was me was holding was holding so to fight back was largely because of my life private security companies tech companies and are stepping in to help police combat crime cameras have become features cities and in most towns across the world hundreds there are of these cameras across gauteng zuma plans vumacam to expand its operations over the coming months and take this nationally big brother is watching what is vumacam so a platform is really just so really what we're aiming achieve is really to look at multiple different security companies all fighting security in isolation and next evolution the of security is technology going to be so i'll said a security is instead of every company putting the iron isolated of pockets of cameras up put we said let us a big just kind of network cameras of because the same criminals robbing this that would be neighbourhood with rob and the next neighbourhoods no one is making sure that perpetrators or checking that those it was perpetrators actually actually syndicate the the same same syndicate with weather our platform because it's a common platform as soon as happens there is an incident that in this neighbourhood the into our details are put system up to five hundred vehicles all alerted of that that incident and then can intercept and and take those perpetrators the streets or off the next day they going to another suburb are entered as soon as they the security company pulls them prevented instrument over and taking place fashion comes problem so obviously a big that's one of the crimes and and as you network see through the camera over here you'll types see we've got different different types of of timeless cameras even you've overview an overview number camera you got a plate recognition cameras number plates at specifically look that number of query database against the saps when overview is giving a situation awareness and then giving alert into security companies control and so you don't have someone watching screen and seeing the only their sunny unusual something that's that hasn't taken place someone behaving summit carrying a bag something very that happened doesn't normally people weaving between cars does it then send the alert to the look control room they at it they send out a and off vehicle and then then they they get get the the situation situation awareness to out a tactical send resource and you would prevent the interim from taking place i hold because the criminals on their surveillance over here is tactical resources there let me go to a road where acquire i'm not going to be picked up they are not going to me for arrest oneself perpetrated the incidence vumacam has partnered with over fifty security companies africa across south big brother is watching we year a security company at on gauteng's west rand have a look at let's the offer asian centre in your control room explains we now was what are take you through these just explain a couple of i can give an example one of these schemes this a security is one as access them abuse this event system based if there is movement gamer pops up and then what vehicle necessary we make entries where easily in case there's the premises something wrong at you also capture real it happens crime if brink expect towards was witnessing what what we we are are now now witnessing yes captured the crime yet it happened recently i quickly show you what happened years was a vehicle had stopped there afford vehicle stop vehicle in a shooting can happen you can see there as for the rights stores arrived of near there started shooting our cctv control immediately notice this and we dispatched the with the icc police and two two rate channel mesela cars and others in somebody's first its on as at the scene was there's it taxi related it was tax related was tax related happened the vehicle drove off gordon over the how we breach and highway right on the if there's for instance marked a has been on the system by security company registration has been flat comes where the case up on a system number case number obviously what explains crime committed say for instance a smash and grab it was the vehicle is marked vehicle course is one of our albatross the westrand on soon and one of the vehicle because one of the albie are immediately flagged we closest call our closest we call our closest it go in one of the areas we call them and they immediately proceeded that's that's also the are normally restaurants the police are lines quite the guys normally assisting in these us cases do helping other suspects our whatsapp is group that we have five got about hundred and forty whatsapp phone it's groups on a got a whatsapp controllers these whatsapp monitors all this whatsapps is community driven responses community on this is also in delta the community the case of these emergency so we'll see on the corner of hendrik potgieter and border this area has also been a and grab hotspots smash yes it has campaign been a to towards that area they down can go i can show quickly if i open this camera year that's been a hot spots for the smash and grab as well his area as this area area year so on this that's where our tactical vehicle normally from always response on standby in the the case of smash and grab to and able you to are able respond respond real time in instantly real in instantly in real time dispatched we communication two way radio in these guys and we also this we've got icc system on our side would you communicate to out police descend saps we've been involved running security companies we understand challenges that security companies in terms of have the have to that they they make sure responding to alarms keep customers that they happy that they arresting criminals and not often do they have the technical savvy within their in business their business what we what do we is do is we because we plug onto because at their business where you gmail fifty sixty engineers that assist as a come and technical partners making the camera always sure that works because the challenges you've got that the cameras not working working your analytics are your services done work people often us around so tell there was an incident cameras great let's the go see what happened the camera on and those murphy all was a working the camera the but now and look for last two weeks working if that camera was so we make sure always work that the camera so that the security provide provider can their services mrs technology technology it from one absolutely i don't think any security they have company done this technology be able to that they won't be proactive do this what the problem on is the immediate area this is the way to do so it so isizulu going up to and additionally does help what other crimes have curtail you been able to vehicles entering the area mj that numerous suspects we assist the s the a p with murders very successfully and well okay so it does this marks a lot of cameras ripped the help you ask licence so plate recognition we able to identify vehicles unwanted vehicles into the area immediately of being asked that we have is was on gordhan gordhan rich but for the last two we months three months implemented one of our tactical reaction vehicles to be on this point minimise to try and it and so far we have succeeded with this vehicle standing in the mornings in the early late afternoon the vehicle is in on site and i think a bit that helped quite now now there there's has been been issues issues around around privacy privacy law laws how have you been able to overcome that so we hyper sensitive around i privacy as said we not shut to anyone spy on none of the cameras stream live into into the video into the control people can rooms and then watch people it's really alert triggered behaviour so either through a number queries against plates the police deliveries or through the artificial intelligence that something unusual happening ninety-five ninety eight percent the tagto footage is go the system without through anyone ever watching it the three two three at two percent that's percent that's that's triggered that's that true says and sunny unusual hold ja send a vehicle to go to we don't have any facial software recognition so we can't query your face against and wear your whereabouts have been coming after the break up what should we do keep ourselves to from becoming a victim of a smash and grab