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3 Oct 2021 @ 08h30 - vumacam

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of surveillance company vumacam accused has been of infringing on people's fundamental including human rights the right to privacy freedom of association and freedom of movement investigative analysts heidi journalists heidi has warned swart has swart warned that vumacam that is setting themselves thousands up to have of linked electronic eyes on citizens all times at we speak now to vumacam ricky cook ceo on surveillance really good to radio morning welcome islam international your patience and thank you for on a salary so what exactly is the role of the or purpose surveillance of particularly in south africa at present is something that we think is is necessary because because just it's of of the the high high crime crime eight rate are experiencing weeks that we the evolution of security to is trying get the combination of technology manpower working together cos it's impossible to have our in the right places people all at the right and i think if you can get cameras they can tell you that there's a problem when happening resources so that you can get your there most or when that's going to be most effective so when surveillance we talk about cameras in our suburbs shopping and centres shopping centres and of all that of that and all i think it it a little concern makes people because the one we worry about thing that obviously is privacy so how would this work because a i think i think lot of people think we've been watching if you look at some of the countries as like the uk matter or china for that i think that space of come from the concerns because of the facial profiling things like and that so when we talk about this when be looking at here in south africa what how do we a the fears of our citizens privacy is the utmost importance to us we're not on anybody we're not really how the technology work decide blank technology screen only if there's an alert alert going to be a is vehicle interest which has been on the police database crime involved in a or acting suspicious that alert first security local company who then sends a vehicle investigator out with the overview cameras it's also it's also on screen blankfein works on works blank technology technology and the ir works a way that are in such only pick up unusual activity so someone running someone falling or opening a card a car accident happening we don't have people firstly we just the platform our partners so the security company we the security work with industry and and all security the relevant company lays through their control rooms then have access they to to pop these alert that up in their control room them something happening and told at this point in time police vehicle to investigate season further so this isn't funny that people funding people sitting at watching every movement are watching you are going into different stores as only funding unusual happen so then tell the operators to say sunday listen news please have a look and investigate a bit further and otherwise impossible to watch all of this potential and it's that of our business none we're not trying to see where people going on time we're saying there's high guys crime rates and at we do about it what can so who has access to information if it stored is stored that the i'm sure i'm that sure the information is information obviously stored all of data would keep the data and if that data is required like for instance say a police investigation how people access that we just provide platform we the or the data we saw data so the we take it to centre which a data is a tier four data which centre defined data center that your banking companies insurance and human it's holding up this disinformation and only in such away when someone requires that because it will go to court then have to request a footage us request form from we then go back and system through the make sure that it is the right person before any company has become an we have been we back them we make sure that all of the eyes and ears which initiative is no again with business against and crime making sure that the guys authorized are fully by vets and by making they are correct security company and and then then security we we make make that that security company company are responsible party in accordance with the popi act and then we make sure we that then can control that process to make sure doesn't land up into and the wrong hands used for the wrong reasons now vumacam has been accused of lying repeatedly public and into the also to the high court the surveillance about system compliance particularly with privacy regulations what was your reaction to that accusation completing in accurate do it at the at time the time of like of in a statement our software provider that we got from somewhere software were gdp compliant and time that point in when we make the statement that the papers was and obviously that was back twenty nineteen in so we don't mind that journalists are querying and understanding because it's us want to keep important for us honest keep on our toes make us sure that that that we are doing everything above board but to to to go back nineteen to two thousand and then and then and to to to to to use to words use lying and like you or degradation is but and we are various and reviewing our legal might options that give us an idea how the cameras welcoming in johannesburg at the moment apparently the article from five thousand cameras and running that are up and of the article to also alluded the fact that these would be linked in security malls all around the shopping and malls all of this data would and be correct by by yourselves and then any company that would be a security companies will access to this have data as you to were explaining us how would this system actually working be with regard to the software of that and all just so that our listeners understand and don't have the concerns that with regards they may to the fact that they can be facial profiling and i think all of that because that's where the concerns come up from what we've seen around the world it's valid concern a valid concerns a long we think and hard about its we've got different workbooks and who work with the universities and big companies as well as very close business against of crime and business leadership with saps and the different us so we think the platform that that pulls the public the private sector sector to and everyone working conjunction the fight against in crime and and and has to be very successful with maybe four rest three to on a daily basis so so to to to curb curb just just to the the question question around the privacy we don't use and any facial recognition cameras so we don't have facial recognition cameras we software the that we use enables and allows will for recognition we don't think recognition that the facial that the level that needs to be at but also with according to the and all of copy these regulations until it's very elite defined and it's very there is a use case and also there's no database they against even if you've got a but facial of pace are or you what looking are up you looking up what match again again to who that person is always under person with a licence plate recognition there is database as soon that as or your car been involved has in a crime at put database onto we then take outcomes scan database against that of the call goes past our cameras one of and is one of those databases pops up into the control then alerted company security a stolen cars area just come into this potentially they going to go another incident and cause please prevent that incidents taking place that gives us quite a good understanding what it is that of the cameras can cannot do thank and you so much we do appreciate your time and we do appreciate you giving us a different inside and and and and putting us into the picture as well we do really appreciate that and can talk hopefully we to you again as maybe the you know system gets bigger research that and from the you are probably doing as because i'm sure that well see how you are looking to all of this would for you be working positive positive or negative or as negative as time goes time by goes so much for your time thanks you siki most welcome thank you buy that from was really cook vumacam telling us about their network network camera and also allowing that some of the fears people have had it's also to their response the journalists tidy sport written in the an article daily maverick with regards to the allegations made against them so cameras are put up i if mean you if you being the uk go to go the to uk apparently i think they are for a certain distance you have so many cameras on put up most of their life pills is a camera and there for every fourteen last people the time i checked the stats so obviously the most countries are doing that and usually for crime prevention it's in that china we know there is a lot of issues regard to with facial profiling especially within community the weaker and i think our concern a lot of of from those stems from those kinds of things kinds of things but it's it's it's becoming a standard across the world for these cameras to be put up so most of the time because x for with what fighting crime interestingly riky was explaining that have to have a database you in which camera can that pick up something in it to compare order for it to database and without that you're not going to be able to do that so professional profiling link you'd have to up to a database that holds of our pictures all and even though that maybe ability lays the fact pr that we do have pictures on the database it after up to that and link the popi act obviously would come into play as well so a lot more to find out but i think some of our outlook questions have been answered and ensure going forward maybe tabs we can keep on this and find out what is happening more about with regard to it so that's the interview with vumacam it is and their ricky crops ceo ricky crops ceo crooks on are surveillance and their right to reply we going to take a short break