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2021-04-30 17:50:40

30 Apr 2021 @ 17h45 - SA Harvest

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to be news and sports food rescue organisation well sa harbours has huge reached a milestone it's delivered five million meals the less to fortunate in just eighteen months to us speak about how it reached we are joined the speed by sa harbours ceo alan broader via zoom allan thank you for joining us so much this afternoon you've i think what done you and i course can i can your team of course of imagine it imagine takes it a takes team a team side millennials delivered congratulations will start there and then a big thank you from us and everybody who is watching but let's the behind talk about the scenes i can imagine all the logistics that this needs to take place for to happen absolutely scraping on your show to deliver five millennials can understand as you can understand takes a lot of organisation above all and it takes a lot of hard work and enthusiasm we have an amazing team in three brown is dragging then khumalo in hunger bloemfontein as berg and they are workhorses and love what they do so sounds while it very daunting is running very smoothly i struggle with the idea of good is wasted food that at the farming manufacturing wholesaler retailer and consumer household i mean those levels high are i almost wonder what is happening in the background absolutely right and we have to face the first country twenty million people to sleep hungry go every night and a further ten million rollout of sometime money sandton during months during the months the feed to their see families to so in various degrees we have thirty million people which is almost fifty percent of our population who are hungry so this thing is a very daunting situation and linked to land is something that's quite understandable from our point of view is that ten million tons of food goes to waste stay have ten ten tons million tons million of food which a can food see twenty twenty-five million people three good meals a day over a year for just going to waste so our task is to to reduce state waste and to deflected to the people it who need surely pumping is and must about be talking ten million tons of food wasted annually on south africa so where are we there's definitely missing some missing links you know go can to go the to farms the farms that it that can it to the communities that do needed but clearly that's not happening really there are absolutely right is something ms the south african food ecosystem is broken is controlled by the powerful and the rich and the people at the end of to without food basically and also just explain that the fact that so many people are going hungry at this time is actually a dereliction duty on behalf of of the government the section27 the bill of rights says very clearly access need to enough food and and water that's good food so you know what is happening why isn't this this right being fulfilled assmang offline question about island question about that's that that true allan new asking valid questions something really because is broken within the system ten million tons of food wasted annually africa in south it really doesn't got make sense when you've millions of children going to bed mothers hungry parents fathers something has to be done but thank you once again sa alan harbour ceo broader chatting to us there is doing is somebody their bit to make the sure that south african families few are being fed and can support look them up sa harvest them while well a list a listeds