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30 Apr 2021 @ 08h00 - sa harvest

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go always liking always highlighting people doing good good things here on dr are and we this morning no different as celebrate five we million meals delivered an eighteen months by the south african food rescue organisation called sa harvest has with us from in operations the case this morning and no french lindsay dr pockets welcome back to the show how they kevin thanks for having have we me when last have um it was around plastic pollution and peace kidnaps fears that is a good to have you back what we're talking about this morning is pretty waste much of food you just chatting green room to call it the but just over there most about the at other statistics are crazy much food about how we throw away in south ten million africa tons of food is wasted is wasted business every business every what happen what's what going on happened there anyway from farm level right down to retail level to the end consumer at home at farm level this vegetable afrit not perfectly formed to sell that into the not going the market to sold onto the end consumers be around wasting up to sometimes sixty percent to their it's not cups because accepted in the markets he saldanha that's crazy you well some of are the saying to me as big big brands the big and fast food outlets national brands maybe that they get a creative something one one thing thing if there's off off the the create create they've they've laughing away just just throw throw a well ja it's going to take lot of time and effort to that's they'll send audit that brand straight the d c back to and then from there just almost it's it's cheaper apparently new line to run a and just send a straight back to the retail but that figures are staggering ten million tons of food wasted going to landfill that's just and as you say this has this causes other issues as well release methane it's gas which is twenty-six times more potent than carbon and it's it's direct impact got a on climate change something have something to do drastically to drastically you're not going fix this success to retrieve the the land bills food from obviously how does what have bought this happen the process i know is a national this thing over over tons fifteen hundred of nutritious food has been rescued process a work and then how does get processed that food and delivered in that's as well what others we literally get in touch the big corporates with we asked him if they've got how they deal with their food waste and we offer them a better to solution then give it an environmental company that thing going to go and responsibly dispose of it it should therefore by date it goes to its sell expiry date so forty eight hours we might have amount of about but nobody six months is going to put stock shelf that's only last on for six months as we generally get a good time it could lead we've got warehouses and we run with refrigerated container of trucks don't trade break the free and we literally physically just it go through and we hand out to beneficiaries and community activists they do that are on the ground and the last part despite logistical a big operation i mean who finances this we do have a bunch of bunch of personal private personal funders i mean the taken a huge guys have huge interest in then also this and we do get some funding corporations through like to get those people's phone numbers the so called sa harvest three justice pillar strategy described that to me food rescue intervention systemic etc well yes at the moment you trying to deal with the current crisis is all the time which wasted food the staffing south africans nineteen million going to bed hungry stomach says no excuse ten nineteen for that we've nathi got ninety-one million people million a people a day going day hungry a third ja that's of our population while and we're looking the up after the children and gogos so the guys they the can't really fend for themselves and then yes the systemic intervention we are looking in can the communities how we make them more sustainable whether agricultural that's with development but that skills development it just as well gives somebody's absa feeds a spade and then we underpinned by an incredible fancy but very simple aarti system everything a platform so is very very parent up transparent up see donors can donors see can beneficiaries benefit friday our everything is down to the last bram its way out so it's probably again then just maybe clarify how did these meals i know you say the detracts know you for how how did the people food delivered actually get by home one by one to each was sort of a system with unregistered we work community activists and in npos the community in rise there is always activist out there and that they've got pretty good system set up i'm very lucky corporates in durban africa think sitting in question dale and during when everybody covid stated hymie kept his on kitchen staff and these guys have been pumping buckets and out cook food every day cooked food we take and we take junk food so we just sees out on the the guys that are street that don't have facilities cook to we help we take and the them cook food guys that we can we dry goods obviously take produce a lot of its fresh it sometimes they take fnb five meals and eighteen million months that's a helluva thing so i'm presumed million a lot of those five people rdp due to to the the sort of applying supplying to same same people people as as well well but five million meals as a lot it really is where do we go from here so you expect what do of us how can we help i would like people to be a lot more considerate about their food wastage especially fact that organic way the shouldn't be going into a rubbish friends and then put into landfill and then if there is anybody the top any corporations sitting at any food beverage companies we are still not in are very touch with that keen to manage their they food waste fish place in a better way please begging you a lot we've got a lot to really do and of we work really to do of and work we need to get we've need got to get thousand and thirty a two we've got to reduce landfill organic waste by very very big a global percentage as thing so let's get on board it's very exciting and we up challenge for the i mean if how would someone does how did they get hold of you just lindsay it's at sa harvest dot has all what gone to the sa harvest website and give jabulani from there so it's it's emissions in hunger eats your core focus area we do do salute salute we we've we've also also was done done some some work another organisation do more foundation they also provided millions and millions of meals on and and that i mean it's it's shocking were at this level they where so many people are going hungry every day and that literally is the private it sector that's having to step in and do all of these we'll keep politics out of but i this for now doing just salute the work that you are you and i presume army that have an of helpers no we do we on the community as rely wants well as the community and to come out they want to be how they want to get involved it is for and we just them to do providing the you out right tools and it has to privatise just got to take unfortunately we've control of our teachers we have to so really really really saluting what you do so sa harvest you get hold them i guess you've can website sa got a harvest dot org dot all and have a look at go that if you are particularly if you wanted these big organisations and needs to get control of your waste against it's also wonder think people are quick to throw away so its sell by food when it's on date but the reality is something it's headed sell by good for a few date is trust still few days notice days notice mostly mostly mostly best placed before then there's expiry and are throwing but a lot of people away vegetables which ev just unfortunate cut around or straight into it's actually going to work a lot of us are guilty of that we go into a supermarket it always bright of peppers and kumbas and and all the salary stuff we buy it all looks lovely in the fridge and then order a mcdonalds and you throwing away are all but we guilty of the waste of like that so food lindsay pop up against big are thanks so much much for for coming coming sa harvest harvest in in from from sa and like you say this is going on in cape town the free state mpumalanga two hundred and seventy-seven thousand meals a month we really do salute you think well well done done so if you'd like to be a part of not letting nineteen million just somebody people said it again nineteen million going to people bed hungry every night then if you are but perhaps while these big organisations of there's anything you can do sa dot harvest augur thanks so and much lindsay for coming thank for you having for having me away me always away always always always always there's an open door thanks so much we just to remind michael we love telling the good stories