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2021-04-29 07:22:26

29 Apr 2021 @ 07h15 - SA Harvest

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as of monday this a brand new team as team donor malebo it word every received negatively about about to that that us us i i look look forward forward to also as of today we had doing what reached she does best on richer peterson will now be forthcoming was his version what she does of so it's now all about dust this is on record peterson amd it might dust it that that's true have instead already did differently here's the deal guys it's not about monday it's about the before after and all we drinking more water changing are we our diets to the word diet horrible at are we it's very stretched because you the one that because never available can just say that i we want to reform over the weekend i am things not available not available are it you dalian yes because we go we spoke there about it last month that we didn't plan in studio it so then yesterday we panic and said running out of we we're time million methods done will you need to get two million millions ekurhuleni is the of governor year okay million mampho yes we after need to talk about this just eight o'clock this morning i want know this is because to moving this team moving thirteen happening value million fifty percent country of the food vulnerable at the same time in time food goes the way food to all only people feed three healthy for meals a day over a year what we do we rescue is that would have gone away nutritious good food that would have gone to landfill show and added to destroying the environment we deliver and we deliver and beneficiaries it it to who are angry people basis on a daily so we've just passed the five million new brilliant congratulations thank you so much goede of sa harvest you guys are doing amazing amazing work i just want to tell from for you myself and everybody today listening to us we are concerned covid-19 as there a lot unemployment there's millions have lost their jobs millions more potentially losing their jobs people struggling are to make ends meet on the tables to put food of the organisation food organisation you've rescue reached the five million meal milestone while so that is amazing we you enough can't thank what the does future the future for hold though hold for though harvest sil sa well i mean we we believe one thing that clarity clarity in itself while necessary absolutely at the moment because so many are people really hungry but we believe that sanity doesn't end hunger charity health crisis but doesn't end hunger remain section twenty-seven of the the bill bill of rights rights states states of that it every is south africa right has the to access enough food every day this is not happening and so we are really fighting to alert the government is the saying that they are not fulfilling the constitution they should and be and you know talk about when they the constitution are all sorts issues of that come up one hundred percent where whereas hunker we don't hear about the most critical which is thing for south africa the broader and ceo of sa harvest very much for your thank you time this morning please keep the amazing work we hope we touch base within the can again just next month or two year what the progress terms is in of what you're doing and maybe collaborate in the near even future many other liquor they further thank you so much time thank for your you have then a have lekker a lekker to hold basically two basically but years there's no price like shoprite price