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2020-09-03 07:32:53

3 Sep 2020 @ 07h30 - Oxbridge Academy

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seven thirty-two central your african time and listening to africa rise and shine to you live coming from johannesburg in south africa the world world's the after after covid covid is is going going to to be very different in many jobs that may like a have seemed good career choice may become defunct on the other hand opportunities could career rise and fails were previously not that popular therefore individuals considering what to study next year thinking those about furthering their studies career to improve their prospects need to keep keep in mind our changing well before making their study choices for more mall on this this issue issue we we are are joined joined on the line on by sanedi now from oxbridge academy based in south africa's western cape province let good morning so us and thank you for joining on africa rise and shine to good morning you and all the listeners let's on reflect the industry sectors that have hit been hardest by the pandemic years unfortunately when covid-19 had many industries been negatively affected and the ones that come to mind be so it would that i've tourism and hospitality not we were to go to restaurants and wine farms and an hour travelling was restricted travel destinations so all were off the cards but also looking at industries then like events management for instance where weddings could not take place then also the other and appears one would be industries like the bid to save the and her addressing industry where they couldn't go get let's to looking beautiful unfortunately no which sectors which sectors stand good a good stand a chance of chance breeding new job opportunities seen we've a boom and the agricultural sector i remember watching a clip on television where young this female business person was speaking about how her business was thriving because people need meet people need food absolutely quite correct when when you look at all the opportunities and the out there things that we as human need you need beings the basic the basic needs like food needs we never never said go away your eighteen wake up and at all you look these opportunities there definitely something to say for that other industries which might not sound as appears but they've also opened and we see a lot of up opening job opportunities they would be sectors like occupational health and safety for instance now during the covid-19 pandemic employers have realised the value skilled and having employees on our employees on site ensure to noise that are employees are indeed safe indeed safe and regulations and that and all that rules set out by government are followed and also that we adhere to the set out by guidelines the world health organisation sectors other that we've also opportunity seen a boom an would be sectors like the advertising and marketing industry so for instance where businesses p miners covid had elementary websites some might have had social media presence are now realising value the in going online and have been to find able their customers and able the customers being to find them so the opportunities opening up there would be to do if you are able website development joe building websites them for optimising businesses also being able to do graphic design things can look at the leading so that businesses can find their customers then also doing social and media posts doing and and paid advertising in order for businesses to find the again customers but also customers can find more easily now as individuals how we should assess where the best opportunities lie for future job prospects what should we consider very good question so one should always consider it what is you want from a career so taking in mind industries that were hardest effect by koeberg factored into consideration and look the opportunities that at market are opening up in the but then also decide that you what is it want formative years so so we we all all as individuals individuals one one as something something different some of us want to do something that we really passionate and we love about to die every day others it's for about the paycheck of the month at the end and then prefer also some people a more traditional office environment where structured more you work in a team might report to a manager or you might even aspire to become a manager where others be a little prefer to bit more independent maybe their own business run and the d bit more entrepreneurial a little so all factors those factors when you it look all at those determine determine what is what you you passionate one thing what about then go look at the areas that will negatively affected and look opportunities at that are emerging in the market that we can we be realistic with regards to what the covid-19 pandemic has done to with regards people looking at employment of more a pay getting month cheque at the end of the and not necessarily following the passion now with because about survival absolutely absolutely we only to do we need to do and need to survive we so ja when career choosing a lucky said he should be realistic but there are there is a fine and line and the golden state would always where the opportunities run through might be that much passion your but even if you do this we to temporary put the burden on the table to something that you know up for you can get every day that do you that can we do can and this and this follow at follow to that it you some form does give of joy in terms of moving forward d c academic institutions also revising their curriculum to to better prepare the new scholars for world most definitely been always evolve to education and training and skills development something that has never is stagnant in italy staying with the ten where and where and the future the futures is coming technology is evolving we need to look at things like ai that online movements so academic institutions all vehicle excellence violent are looking at future jobs where the market are evolving and students or scholars if he and the track now and at your career options looking it's and do your research good to go and see what be would the top job like in two thousand and thirty where well resolving is the world evolving towards towards take into consideration moving that is into more technology bulk world and considered your options then but debt i'm lucky did said something that you know can put bread and capital at something that find your you can also passion and then you know will be investing you in something you a future that will give return on your engagement is where the role this of with with students or matriculants the role of councillors at school comes in into play a very big prominence in terms how they of speak to young people choices and the that they make with regards to lives moving their forward absolutely days are long where you gone just substandard standard subject choices everybody that just follows just because that was norm in the olden the days and where everybody aspires to go to university greater college and get a full qualification nowadays nowadays it's it more more important that you know important what skills you good at what are is your passion it's also about your emotional intelligence it's really not book knowledge about anymore so being able to communicate work with other human beings speaking even or to following your passion whether artisan words something a little bit more technical like a chartered accountant it really depends on an individual councillors and really should be mindful of that work with young people on people identify to identify to didn't try and to ensure that follow the right the path thank you so for joining us on africa much this rise and shine morning i thank you for and good luck everybody having me attest stay stay warm safe and thank you so you that tend to to know from oxbridge academy south based in africa's western cape province joining the line us on