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1 Sep 2020 @ 21h45 - Oxbridge Academy

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more about that is the marketing manager at oxbridge academy sanette nelson evening and thank it's good us you so much for joining good evening the meter and all listeners of smile the fm so it is at the time to re evaluate one now study goals absolutely i mean with covid-19 replied mentioned time lucky many industries really hard but all is in is in not straits dire straits dire if you keep your eyes are many opportunities open there opening upskill up and if you yourself and the right direction just find yourself you could benefiting from this okay so let's start with which industries have been hit by covid-19 hardest what do you say them well i would tourism think it would be the hospitality industries obviously because we he couldn't travel couldn't gutsy restaurants no fly really but hard then also events even management events management events and then sectors like save the d t the industry and hair dressing which really is sadia but at the same time from those apart industries that have been hit quite hard there are opportunities emerging where see these opportunities do you absolutely and there are quite a few but i've identified to one which would be of the occupational health industry and safety where employers sil have realised the will real value now he having skilled employees ensure that to the health and safety workplace in the to ensure that the employees are safe and another one would be advertising and marketing where previously maybe not everybody was prepared covid-19 for and i've been working remotely so maybe industries are businesses having website that mentally now might are looking for employees website to give them that i've payment options to be functional fully looking into social media advertising design and graphic possibly your digital spaces exploded and during covid-19 even with so many industries close battling under the and pressure those are the only companies that were hiring in fact where with the companies the that operate within field the digital so there is them growth them terms of and in and terms in of upskilling oneself upskill what opportunities are available for example at oxbridge academy were an interdict which means that you study via correspondence many so we will send me a study material via career which means it's ideal in the workplace if you are already so that you can this in the do time at your and pay you can do a short course full within your qualification but in the fields mentioned ancient that we've same he done the same done the qualification to be employed as well in one of so something like is a short course more than sufficient to skills and give you the knowledge that need functions to perform those especially for for the working for short courses can be extremely extremely valuable shift just to ones perspective to two another point you into direction i mean is that quite a popular option at the academy absolutely about lifelong it's all learning keeping so keeping yourself relevant yourself relevant within the workplace with is so crucial and especially now with covid and family job losses in the country which is really really very sad but keeping yourself and up skilled knowledgeable during a short course than sufficient it's more to keep suffer elements support well as i mean how does one know potentially what be be a good fit years oxbridge academy at even though it's definitely introduced it doesn't mean that your on your own we've got dedicated support agents and peters on core basically twenty-four seven we've got a what satellite email telephone calls so you to your own are never left devices we really college need a that cares we walked a mile worse so if you education want to invest in your or is it that call just for was not those who are looking themselves to upskill are working this has opportunity initially for potentially for for the uses for the youth as well i mean they could determine they want to get what out of their career going forward particularly with these this changing world definitely believe you think about t saying you what are passionate about and what you want from your career so for some people it's but the salary checked the day and at the end of they want to make bill pay the for other people finding that it's really about passion and doing really something that you really happy so about so youth for for the for for the school a challenging now than year for all of those matriculants markets us you all as the best for the end of the year exam but about what think it is really life want from your and what do you want to pursue and then go for it fly just from the recent times and from cope would you seen a shift have in people's interests certain applications in for example about you spoke about within healthcare his within health his and within system safety the digital space have you seen increased attention towards those particular parks at all absolutely we've seen a surge in applications occupational for health and safety specifically in but then also the educational space in the education space childcare childhood development where people realise the they need need people to look after so even their kids when we were in lockdown difficult it's for for parents during a working job having to look after the children pairs having a coming into their homes looking children after the so those still feels specifically an increase we've seen and then also in the advertising marketing space with oxbridge being a distance learning as you mentioned so net there's one taylor the particular time frame according to say assume let's it's it's it's a working individual do you tailored that's way or the prescriptive what are the requirements requirements definitely we do recommended have study period but because we know are mostly working these adults that the need to study that's why the durations are slightly than it would longer be at a normal acsa tvet college where you would run classes because you don't have ten in classes we do with us cater for that so even you run out if of time you the option could have to extend your course cater we do years yes just lastly then just lastly and then the accreditation around the courses summit and different type of courses like a short course or skill certificate that would be a non accredited programme we the skills do it to gain and knowledge to be able do the job to market mentioned in certain industries you don't need a full qualification able to perform to be that function however if you listen you leave you're finished track now and we want to go to university but you never option had the option the all their all your workplace requires work a full you to have qualification one would then you get a full recommend that accredited qualifications we offered in fourteen six level national that leads to a diploma you have your practical experience a fully accredited but to the dhet qcto c monday got them au where we further information you can just go and google us all go to www dot each academy dot dot za you shorter education or you can send us a whatsapp on o six three five nine one eight six double zero six nine five three one eight to double zero correct that's and you can also find online out more at oxbridge academy dot dot z n d u a dot z a so let's marketing manager at oxbridge we academy let's thank you thank so you much so joining food us appreciate for your time for having me and good luck everybody out there is strong thank you